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CFO & More provides ongoing part-time senior executive and CFO services to developing firms.

What's on offer

Are you on track to, or have already, achieved strong A-Levels in 2019, but want to get ahead in your career? We’re offering an Accountancy Training Programme as a smarter way of succeeding ahead of your peers, an opportunity to have real responsibility in our rapidly growing firm, complete with training alongside experienced professionals who value your contribution.

CFO & More Limited was founded in 2016, and we offer part-time senior board level expertise “and more” to firms who don’t require such specialists in full-time positions. We are currently a team of 3, but work with a range of professionals from our client firms and associate partners. Our growth has been faster and more successful than even our most ambitious forecasts, but what does this mean for you?

Our vision depends entirely on the quality of our work - this is an opportunity for you to professionally develop the right way, not the easy way.

Our clients operate in a variety of sectors such as Financial Services, Fintech, Property, and Communications Technology – we’re building a professional network of high achievers which we want you to join: we offer access beyond our competitors’ entry-level positions.

The pace of our growth is still beyond what our founder thought possible – you will be our first school leaver and hence integral to our future, if you join the core of our firm right now just imagine what sort of position we want you to occupy in just a few years.

We need capable expertise and effective operators – this isn’t just a job, we will sponsor your study for professional qualifications, with the eventual aim of completing the CIMA[1].

The CIMA is extremely highly regarded in professional spheres, equipping you with skills and experience which are always in demand and which most firms struggle to find. Many qualified Chartered Accountants studied for years at university, complete with all the debt, to secure their training contracts – but we will give you a direct route and a fast track to be qualified before many graduates have started their careers.

But what will the work actually involve?

Initially you’ll be working on relatively simple tasks such as those listed below to correctly establish the fundamentals, however as you progress the work will become more complex and specialised.

Organising invoices and payment receipts, coding them (i.e. labelling) and ensuring that they’re accurately recorded in our clients’ databases.

Managing customer & supplier accounts in databases, and fixing irregularities in the process.

Communicating efficiently with other offices to keep everyone informed and updated.

Creating reports and PowerPoint presentations for other CFO & More team members.

You’ll develop an intimate understanding our clients’ firms and how they operate, so you can use your initiative to improve processes to ultimately ensure that we’re always adding value.

You’ll start with training and on the job learning alongside our members, and will be carrying out data entry and similar miscellaneous tasks to reduce the burden on our more senior members. This list is far from exhaustive, but should give you an insight of what to expect in the initial stages.

What we’re going to need from you

We’ll be judging the strength of your application against the following requirements:

Excellent Numeracy skills – Much of our work heavily involves working with numbers, so being confident handling figures and percentages is essential.

Commitment to our firm – We’re looking for someone who really believes in what we do and is prepared to commit to staying with us.

Ability to commute independently – Our clients have varying needs and although we operate in our Waterbeach office, we need somebody able to regularly travel to London, often on short notice (we do of course cover the expense of business trips such as this).

Organisational Skills – We need to be efficient, methodical and keep impeccable records.

Initiative – This is an investment for us, so we need a problem solver who we can trust to independently complete tasks, and learn both independently and with our guidance.

Experience using Excel – We use a range of Accounting software but by far the most powerful are Excel spreadsheets, so be sure to be familiar with Excel before you start.

Strong Verbal and Written Communication skills – Efficient communication with colleagues and clients alike is critically important to our work and we need our explanations to be precise.

Previous Work Experience – Not necessarily professional, a part time job is great! But without any experience outside the classroom, we’re going to need some evidence signalling your ability to be independent, reliable and self-motivated.

These skills / experience will be necessary in the role, but don’t worry if you feel like you can’t provide evidence of absolutely everything – both a willingness and capacity to learn are far more important!

Application Process

If this opportunity excites and interests you then please get in contact! We’re open to applications from anyone if you can convince us that you satisfy the above criteria. If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you – just send an email to ask or to schedule an informal chat about the role. We currently have an intern who you’ll be taking over from in a long-term capacity, so they’ll be more than happy to speak to you and answer any questions!

If you’re ready to apply, then send a brief letter explaining why you fit the role (a good strategy is to outline how you fit the requirements above), and detailing any qualifications (e.g. A-Levels) and experience. Please don’t feel intimidated or pressured to fill space – writing concisely is a valuable skill, and we understand experience can be limited straight out of school / college. Remember, we’re much more interested in your potential and ability to commit to the firm!

Subject to your suitability for the role, we will conduct interviews to see how well you’d fit within our team. We may send you a short exercise in organising some data in Excel so we can understand how you solve problems and to give you a chance to demonstrate your skills.

We will offer a highly competitive salary including benefits such as free gym membership, generous pension contributions, and opportunity for rapid progression according to performance.

We aim to complete this round of recruitment quickly and to have somebody starting in August 2019, although this is open to negotiation for particularly strong applicants. We will be evaluating applications on a rolling basis – so if you are interested do not hesitate and communicate your interest as soon as possible because we don’t want you to miss this opportunity!

Please send all queries and applications to:

[1] Chartered Institute of Management Accountants

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