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MathWorks provides unique opportunity to Hills Road students

Since September, a group of Hills Road students have been developing their programming skills using MATLAB software, a powerful tool for mathematical modelling, widely used in industry and in science and engineering courses at university. The course, part of Hills Road’s enrichment programme, gives students an introduction to basic programming concepts as well as a chance to investigate a range of topics in maths and physics, including complex numbers, image processing, artificial intelligence and kinematics.

The enrichment course was sponsored and co-developed by MathWorks, the company who produce MATLAB and the course is taught by a combination of MathWorks engineers and Hills Road staff.

“This partnership with MathWorks gives our students a unique opportunity to learn new and valuable skills that will aid them at university and in their future careers,” said Linda Sinclair. “At a time when budgets for non-core curriculum activities are being squeezed, the contribution that businesses can make is so valuable."

“MathWorks is committed to supporting initiatives that educate, engage and encourage students of all ages to pursue STEM related studies and careers. Through the collaboration with Hills Road we’ve had the opportunity to provide students with hands-on experience of a software tool that’s widely used in universities and industry, developing skills that will aid their future careers,” said Sham Ahmed, managing director, MathWorks.