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Spelling and grammar biggest CV annoyance for employers

Picture (above): On average, people completed seven placements before getting a job, illustrating how important they have become in securing full-time employment. Photograph: Alamy

New research has revealed that failure in spelling and grammar is the biggest no-no on a potential employee’s CV.

The research, taken from surveys with employers and senior business decision makers, reveals that a massive 87% said they would find spelling and grammar errors annoying.

This placed it at top of the list of annoyances – given ahead of factors such as poor CV design and including too much personal information.

Other employer peeves include the inclusion of incorrect information – such as wrong contact name or wrong company name – which was ranked second with 76%, followed by the omission of key information such as contact details and dates of employment (74%).

The survey was carried out by GSM London and YouGov.

It also revealed that more employers find a CV that is too long more annoying (46%) than a CV that is too short (26%), suggesting that brevity is key for jobseekers.

The majority of respondents are fine with a candidate including a picture, with just 13% saying they would find it annoying if an image of the applicant was included on the CV.

Some variations seem to be dependent on the gender of the respondent. Females are more likely than males to be annoyed by short CVs (28% vs 25%), while men are more likely than women to be annoyed by a CV that is too long (49% vs 37%).

Men are also more likely than women to be annoyed by too much personal information in a CV (30% vs 26%) or if irrelevant experience and education is included (25% vs 21%).

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